The lovely Sorchiee surprised me yesterday with a challenge to… get my bum out! This follows on from Darth’s initial challenge here! Now you’ve probably noticed that I never get my bum or bits out in photos so this was a bit of a strange one for me hehe! You can’t see a lot but I’m sorry Sorchiee, it’s all you’re going to get! 😛

The Fantasy Collective is due to open tomorrow so I thought I’d show you a little preview of some of the items available at this round. The structure is the Forest Shrine by 22769 and comes with a seating version (shown) and a plain version without the lovely cushions and rugs. The small tree is by Noctis and comes in two versions, with and without a lamp. I’ve resized it quite a lot here for the photo, out of the box it’s quite tall and lovely!

The larger trees are by Roawenwood at Fair Play, these come in two and three trunk versions with a hud to change the colours.

The gorgeous spear I’m wearing is by May’s Soul for The Secret Affair, I really love the draped fabric on this and the textures on the spear itself are amazing, it even has blood on the point. I’ve teamed this with the drapey bits from deviousMind’s Minerva Gladiator Dress, I love the shoulder drapes so much, they work with lots of outfits and come in three textures, solid, sheer and veil which I’m wearing here.

My pretty hair is by Due at The Season’s Story, one of two styles they have out there. This is a slightly windblown style with strands coming across the face, I love hair like this with a bit of movement in it!

As I’m showing a lot of skin in this photo I thought I would dress myself in Noodles’ fabulous Naara set for The Epiphany. Noodles always do the most amazing chain jewelry and this set is no exception, the front of the rare harness is wonderfully intricate and I love that it’s kind of slung over the shoulders leaving your back bare. The set also includes panties and armlets which I’m wearing and a thigh chain, the pieces come in black, gold and silver.

The pretty curtain backdrop is by Random Matter for Indie Teepee and if you haven’t visited yet you’d better get your skates on as it closes in just a couple of days on 24th July.

Last but most certainly not least, Genesis Lab have released a new head, Jiang, at Shiny Shabby and she’s a real beauty! I love her asian features and you can also get two different skin appliers plus a ton of lipsticks there. I’ll bring you a close up shot of this beautiful face in a future post.

Location: Ippos


I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4 **with Genesis Lab appliers**

Head: Genesis Lab – Jiang 2.0 (Shiny Shabby)

Eyes: Umeboshi – Glimmer Eyes – Foggy (The Season’s Story)

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Hair: Due – Michelle (The Season’s Story)

Legs: Caverna Obscura – Faun Legs

Chain Jewelry: Noodles – Naara Set (The Epiphany)

Spear: May’s Soul – Minerva – Spear (The Secret Affair)

Shoulder Drapes: deviousMind – Minerva Gladiator Dress (The Secret Affair)

Tattoo: antielle – Honnari Hannya Tattoo (Origami)

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Thalia H Editorial Set 1 (Shiny Shabby)



Shrine: 22769 – The Forest Shrine (soon @ The Fantasy Collective)

Small Tree: Noctis – Melithor Woods – Skinny Tree (soon @ The Fantasy Collective)

Large Trees: Roawenwood – Fantasy Oak Saplings Set (Fair Play – El Mundo)

Curtain: Random Matter – Fairy Lights Drapery (Indie Teepee)

Lantern: BCC – Dandelion Girl – Lamp Staff – Oriental A (The Epiphany)

Stump: Half-Deer – Spring Eternal – Stump Garden

Fennec: Half-Deer – Fennec Fox – Stargazing

Grass: Alirium – Itchy Grass


Event Details…

The Fantasy Collective: Opens 22nd July – websiteflickr

Fair Play: Open now! – website – flickr

The Epiphany: Open until 4th August – website – flickr

The Secret Affair: Open until 14th August – website – flickr

The Season’s Story: Open until 30th July – website – flickr

Indie Teepee: Open until 24th July – website – flickr – facebook

Origami: Open until 25th August

Shiny Shabby: Open until 15th August


Shrine Guardian


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