150615 Don't Burst My Bubble

I decided I was in a very pastel mood yesterday after trying on Wimey’s beautiful new dress, Sweet as Candy. The dress comes in four delicious colours and includes a colour change hud for the belt! I’m wearing the blue version, the other colours are mint, purple and teal.

I’m still trawling through Arcade stuff as I’m sure a lot of you are. To go with my sweet dress I chose the Sea Bunny ears and Cursive Necklace from Half-Deer’s Mermaid’s Majesty set and the Kawaii Zodiac sandals by Pure Poison. I topped the outfit off with one of Katat0nik’s cute Happy Kitty dolls, out now at the Kawaii Project.

Mithral Apothecary has some pretty new hairs out at Kustom 9, I’m wearing the Mandrake style here, it’s a long girly style with a swept back bit on one side which adds some nice detail, I always look forward to their new releases.

I decided to head over to Oporuto for a look around and as soon as I landed and saw all the bubbles and the pale skies and sparkles I thought it was the perfect place for my look. There are lots of interesting little areas here so it’s well worth a visit.

Location: Oporuto


I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – FashionDoll Pale, Mia Head Pale

Hair: Mithral Apothecary – Mandrake (Kustom 9)

Flowers: Imeka – Flower Crown – Sweet Mix

Ears: Half-Deer – Mermaid’s Majesty – Sea Bunny – Lilac (The Arcade)

Necklace: Half-Deer – Mermaid’s Majesty – Cursive Necklace – Lilac (The Arcade)

Dress: Wimey – Sweet as Candy – Blue **New Release**

Kitty: Katat0nik – Happy Kitty Doll – Lavender (Kawaii Project)

Shoes: Pure Poison – Kawaii Zodiac – Gemini (The Arcade)


Decor (at Oporuto)…

Ground: {anc} – Ripple Oil

Bubbles: HPMD – Bubble Chairs


Event Details…

Kustom 9: Open until 10th July

The Arcade: Open until 30th June

The Kawaii Project: Open until 10th July


Don’t Burst My Bubble!


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