29.05.15 - Sugar!

I don’t know why but lately I’ve been craving sugar like mad! I’m normally a savoury person, I love crisps, nuts, cheese and olives but the last few weeks I just can’t get enough of the sweet stuff! I had cookies for lunch today, that can’t be good for me!

Anyway, on to more important things, as I’m sure you know, The Arcade opens on June 1st and I have a couple of previews to show you. My shoes are by Katat0nik, the Pink Bunny rare from the Art Shoes collection, they are unbelievably cute! My dress is also by Katat0nik and is available at Kawaii Project, I love the ice-cream pattern on the hem, good enough to eat!

Also at The Arcade will be Half-Deer’s Mermaid’s Majesty collection from which I’m wearing the Upcycled Fork Bracelet and the awesome rare Mer-Moo pet! This post may be a cuteness overdose but I can’t help myself! Also by Half-Deer are the heart shaped clouds available at Collabor88.

The wonderful Cafe Stand is by Alchemist at the current round of Cosmopolitan, it has poses included and comes in four colours. I love all the little details in this, it’s so pretty!

My lovely headpiece is by Faster Pussycat at Genre, you’ve probably noticed that I love antlers and these are just wonderful with the pretty roses too!

Location: Ippos


I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – FashionDoll Pale, Mia Head Pale

Hair: Truth – Sukie

Headpiece: Faster Pussycat – Little Fawn – Antlers Crown Pink (Genre)

Dress: Katat0nik – Ice Cream Dress – Pink (Kawaii Project)

Socks: Coco – F.Doll Knee High Socks – Stripe Pink

Bracelet: Half-Deer – Mermaid’s Majesty – Upcycled Fork Bracelet – Gold (soon @ The Arcade)

Shoes: Katat0nik – Art Shoes – Pink Bunny – RARE (soon @ The Arcade)

Pet: Half-Deer – Mermaid’s Majesty – Mer Moo – RARE (soon @ The Arcade)

Seat: Blueberry – Floatie **gift at the past round of FaMESHed**



Cafe Stand: Alchemist – Flower Cafe Stand – Pink (Cosmopolitan)

Cakes: Kalopsia – Sakura Delices – Sponge Cake & Cherry Pudding

Chair: anc – Broken Chair (Collabor88)

Dog: Sweet Thing & DarkendStare – Guilty Cinnamon Hellpup (Kawaii Project)

Clouds: Half-Deer – Into The Light – Heart Cloud (Collabor88)

Ice-Cream: Pink Acid – Ice Cream Fun – Cup – Large – Blue (IDK)

Flowers: The Little Branch – Pink Flowers

Trees: Alirium – Tiny Forest – Green

Grasses: Alirium – Itchy Grass and Puffy Grass


Event Details…

Genre: Open until 10th June – websiteflickr

IDK: Open until 10th June – websiteflickr

Kawaii Project: Open until 10th June

The Arcade: Opens 1st June

Cosmopolitan: Open until 7th June

Collabor88: Open until 6th June


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