Flutter Softly By

27.05.15 - Flutter Softly By

I’m so excited about the upcoming round of The Arcade, the teasers I’ve seen so far look awesome and I was thrilled to see keke’s offering, The Butterfly Collection! This wonderful set includes wearable and decor wreaths, wall decor, butterflies on sticks and the rare items, butterfly screens in light and dark. Here I’ve used the light screen and the blush wall decor and they are so beautiful! See a pic of the full set here.

I decided to go for a fairy theme today and Les Encantades have the perfect outfit in their Nerida set for The Fantasy Collective. I love the nature themed textures on the dress, all wood, moss, grass and flowers, very pretty! The set also includes arm and leg wraps, a head piece and wings, all of which I’m wearing here.

The awesome snails are part of a gacha set by Holy + Sun available at an event called The Secret Room. I’m not sure if this is a new event but it’s certainly new to me! The large snail is a rare from the set and includes several poses. I’m wearing one of the commons on my arm, each common comes with it’s own pose too, very cute!

The bird bath is by Jian for The Home Show, the top “petals” are texture change and it’s such a well made item, it really looks incredible, very detailed and pretty. The little tree is also by Jian for the current round of Genre which is anime themed, I love his little face so much!

Location: Ippos


I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Doll Body, Doll Head 001D

Hair: Entwined – Kiara (The Secret Affair)

Outfit: Les Encantades – Nerida – Aqua (The Fantasy Collective)

Small Snail: Holy + Sun – Friendly Snails – 4 (The Secret Room)



Trees: Alirium – Tiny Forest – Green

Grasses: Alirium – Itchy Grass and Puffy Grass

Snail: Holy + Sun – Friendly Snails – Gold Rez – RARE (The Secret Room)

Screen: keke – The Butterfly Collection – Butterfly Screen Light – RARE (soon at The Arcade)

Butterflies: keke – The Butterfly Collection – Butterfly Wall Decor – Blush (soon at The Arcade)

Bird Bath: Jian – Yusri Bird Bath (The Home Show)

Birds: Half-Deer – Candy Chickadee Birds

Sign: Brixley – Fairy Garden Sign (The Fantasy Collective)

Small Tree: Jian – Tomodachi Tree (Genre)

Tulips: Heart – Tulips (FaMESHed)


Event Details…

The Secret Affair: Open until 14th June – website – flickr

The Fantasy Collective: Open Now!!! – websiteflickr

The Home Show: Open until 31st May – websiteflickr

Genre: Open until 10th June – websiteflickr

FaMESHed: Open until 27th May

The Secret Room: Open until 8th June

The Arcade: Opens 1st June


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