Won’t you join me…

27.04.15 - Won't you join me...

…in a place where the trees sprout butterflies and words have wings.

I have yet more wonderful things from Fantasy Faire to share with you today. The amazing Enchanted Tree by Boudoir is their second donation item at the event, the first being the Money Bath I featured in a previous post. The tree is gorgeous as you can see, I love the colour so much!

Another item I’m absolutely thrilled with is the Flying Book Moth by Sweet Revolutions, these can be seen flying around on the Sylvan of Spells sim, I actually did a little squee when I saw them, they’re amazing!

I’ve also used the pretty Bottle Bottom Glass Beads by Lilith’s Den and some pieces from Fallen Gods Inc, which you can see all around the Odyssey sim. I’ve used the Floating Pearls and the Shelled Pearl.

The kimono I’m wearing is by Sakide, I’m wearing the purple version which is a donation item, there are lots of pretty colours available.

The wonderful tea cups and book stack are by Kalopsia at Shiny Shabby, the cups are so pretty I decided to make them huge so you could get a load of all that wonderful detail. Both pieces are part of the Antique Tea Cart Set.

Location: home


I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Doll Body, Doll Head 001D

Hair: Truth – Sukie (Uber)

Eyes: S0ng – Anim – Blue Eye

Head Flowers: Imeka – Flower Crown – Sweet Mix (IDK)

Kimono: Sakide – Nayoko Kimono – Purple (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Pose: Musa – Fantasy Pose 017



Tea Cups & Books: Kalopsia – Antique Tea Cart Set (Shiny Shabby)

Tree: Boudoir – Enchanted Tree (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Flying Book: Sweet Revolutions – Flying Book Moth – Magic (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Pearls: Fallen Gods Inc – Shelled Pearl & Floating Pearls (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Strings: Lilith’s Den – Bottle Bottom Glass Beads – Cool Water (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Tiles: anc – Triangle Tiles – Exotic Blues


Event Details…


IDK: Open until 10th May – websiteflickr

Fantasy Faire 2015: Open until 3rd May – websiteflickr

Uber: Open until 23rd May

Shiny Shabby: Open until 15th May


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