16.04.15 - Levitation

IDK is open! The theme of this round is April Showers and there’s lots of lovely stuff to be had, here I’m wearing Silent Sparrow’s Luna Antlers which come in bright, natural and pastel, each with a colour change hud, so pretty!

I’m thrilled with Kalopsia’s contribution to the TAG Gacha event, the Madame Shae Dee set. Here I’m using the Levitation Table, Broken Chair, Ritual Candle and Spells Book but there’s plenty more bits and bobs to collect. TAG Gacha opens on 17th.

MeshedUp are releasing this fantastic blindfold and gag necklace set at Black Fashion Fair, also opening on 17th. The set comes in black and brown and is as usual, excellent quality.

I also want to mention by beautiful dress by katat0nik at Kawaii Project. I’ve been a huge fan of katat0nik since I first blundered in to Second Life and I have kept all my old dresses boxed up as I can’t bear to delete them. When I saw this it reminded me so much of some of my old favourites I couldn’t wait to wear it.

Location: home


Body: Coco – Doll Body, Doll Head 001V, Monster Limbs Nude

Hair: Truth – Octavia **new release**

Antlers: Silent Sparrow – Luna Antlers (IDK)

Blindfold: MeshedUp – Blindfold – Black (soon @ Black Fashion Fair)

Gag Necklace: MeshedUp – Gag Necklace – Black (soon @ Black Fashion Fair)

Ruff: Junbug – The Queen’s Ruff Collar – Innocent

Dress: Katat0nik – Candy Steamer Dress – Black (Kawaii Project)

Upper Cuff: Wimey – Guardian’s Cuff – Gold (On9)

Lower Cuff: Wimey – No More Cuff (soon @ Wayward Hunt)

Pose: Rack Poses – Avant Garde 5 (Xiasumi School Festival)



From Kalopsia’s Madame Shae Dee set (soon @ TAG Gacha):

Levitation Table, Spells Book, Ritual Candle and Broken Chair

Chandelier: keke – Raw Crystal Chandelier – Bright (soon @ Shiny Shabby)

Stars: keke – The Sky Is The Limit – Stars (soon @ TAG Gacha)

Book Pile: anc – Garden – Oldbook

Tree: Kalopsia – Birch Tree (Uber)

Bird: Silent Sparrow – Raven – Haruki Wind Up Bird – Sleeping (Kawaii Project)


Event Details…


IDK: Open until 10th May – websiteflickr

Black Fashion Fair: Opening 17th April

Kawaii Project: Open now!

On9: Open until 29th April

Wayward Hunt: Starts 17th April

Xiasumi School Festival: Open until 21st April

Uber: Open until 22nd April




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