Stars Align

10.03.15 - Stars Align

Totally Top Shelf is now open, the theme this round is Realms which is right up my street. One of my favourite pieces this round is this intricate headdress by FuubutsuDou which is available in a few different colour combinations. The necklace I’m wearing by Baubles is also available at the event.

Location: home

Body: Coco – Doll Bodysuit Black Pattern, Doll Head 001V, Monster Limbs Nude

Hair: Damselfly – Rikku (We Roleplay!)

Blindfold: Boom – Last Goodnight Satin Blindfold (Collabor88)

Headdress: FuubutsuDou – Headdress – Faery Black/Blue (Totally Top Shelf)

Necklace: Baubles! – Immured Necklace (Totally Top Shelf)

Dress: Moon Amore – Helena (We Roleplay!)

Pose: my own


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