15.01.15 - Desolation

The Secret Affair opens today at 3 SLT! There’s tons of great stuff this round so make sure you head on over when it opens. The event runs from today, 15th January to 29th January.

Location: home


Items from The Secret Affair – opening at 3 SLT…

Hair: Entwined – Arianna

Headpiece: Miamai – Dramera Helm – The Soul of Dragon – The Steel

Mask: Luas – Quala Mask – Silver RARE

Snakes: deviousMind – Eve – Couture du Paradis – Pearl

Tunic: Valentina E – Let This Be Your Last Battlefield – Belted Tunic – Charcoal

Wrist & Ankles: The Plastik – Iktharus Bracer & Ankle – Flurry



The rest…

Body: Coco – Doll Bodysuit, Doll Head 001V, Monster Limbs – Nude

Eyes: S0ng – Anim – Blue Eye

Pose: Ma Vie – My Own Way 07



Arch: arboREAL – Ruined Archway (marketplace)

Cages: Half-Deer – The Mad Scientist’s Birdcage

Trees: Sky’s Winter Trees (marketplace)

Stones: 3D Trees

Crows: Love – The Murder – Crow Track (marketplace)


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